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What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is a unique identifier on the Internet that allows others to locate your company.  The unique identifier is a string of letters or numbers.  For example Google's domain name is google.com, and this web site's domain name is domainrescueservices.com.   Every domain name on the Internet must be unique - no two businesses can have the same domain name.  A domain name is the foundation for using Internet services such as web sites and email.

Is a Domain Name the same as a Web Site?

Not exactly. While many people think of a domain name and web site as the same thing, they are technically two different things.  A domain name is always required, but can be used for many different things on the Internet including to identify a web site and for email.

Am I buying a Domain Name or a Web Site?

You are purchasing a Domain Name.

Will I own the Domain Name?

Yes, full ownership of the Domain Name will be transferred to your company (or to you personally) during the purchase process.  Please be aware that your Domain Registrar charges a annual fee for domain registration/ownership.  You will be responsible for paying the annual fee to continue ownership of the domain.  Domain Rescue Services isn't a Domain Registrar, however we can assist you, at no additional charge, in finding a Domain Registrar.

Is a contract required?

Yes a short contract written in plain english is required.  The contract will be sent to you via email.  You are free to have your attorney review the contract.

What steps are involved to purchase a Domain Name?

Once the contract is signed, Domain Rescue Services will then place the domain name with a third-party escrow service*.  The escrow service is necessary to ensure the purchase process is fair and equitable for both parties.  The escrow service accepts credit cards for payment.  After the escrow service confirms payment then ownership of the domain is transferred to the buyer.  The transfer process takes about two business days to complete.

*Domain Rescue Services pays all fees for the escrow service.  You only pay the agreed-upon price for the domain name, plus sales tax if applicable.

Does the purchase come with a Web Site?

You are only purchasing a Domain Name.  Web Sites aren't included.  Domain Rescue Services can assist you, at no additional charge, with finding the right resources to get your web site up and running.  Or if you already have a web site, we can assist with pointing the new domain to the existing web site.

Are web hosting services provided?

Domain Rescue Services doesn't provide web hosting.  However we can assist you, at no additional charge, to get your new domain setup with a web hosting provider.